It all started with people, possibility and a plan.

Why we set out to reimagine better banking.

“If you could build the best bank ever
— a bank that really helped people to build personal wealth, how would you do it?”

Debut offers powerful and complex financial products in a format anyone can use. And we’re all about fairness, so that means we can still build a sustainable business while protecting our customers and eliminating fees.
We built Debut because we saw the financial products that were unavailable to many people because they either did not meet specific criteria or they didn’t know enough about finance or investing. Debut takes those services and concepts and just makes them really easy, so anyone can get great interest rates to grow their finances, track their spending or build a budget.
Imagine what New Zealanders could do with an extra one billion dollars? Let's rethink banking.
$1 Billion back in in Kiwi pockets.
If we redesigned the traditional banking model to offer as many benefits to customers as possible, could we also eliminate fees, help Kiwis save more, and still turn over a profit?
Early on, while forming our ensemble cast of Debuteers, we decided Debut should be a force for good, a symbol of hope and a vision of what’s possible when you break the mould and try something new. We set ourselves a mission to build a bank that can divert $1 Billion back into Kiwi pockets; $1 billion which, at other banks, would have gone to parent companies, marketing and advertising and corporate shareholdings.
Putting people and
our products first.
We work with our customers to innovate on traditional banking products that are designed for them.
We want to build the best bank ever, but we’re not taking shortcusts to get there. Designing products and features for a human-first bank requires that we deconstruct, dig deep and seek out a better way, so that customers get more out.
Collaboration is our superpower. We want to know what you think of everything.
Ngā mihi tena koe. We love New Zealand and want to see everyone here succeed.
We ♥︎ Aotearoa.
Debut was made here in New Zealand. We’re exceptionally proud of this beautiful and enterprising whenua we call home.
Our dynamic archipelago is at once chill, relaxed vibes and also industrious Kiwi ingenuity and practical design. We love that, and it’s the ka-pai-let’s-get-on-with-it-mate spirit that runs through Debut and our team.
This is our
origin story.
Let's think outside the square to create something new. Something better.
Innovative tech entrepreneurs Sheenu and Sulabh saw the potential to rewrite banking as we know it in New Zealand.
Sheenu Chawla and Sulabh Sharma have been working in fintech and mobile for about as long as mobile apps have existed. They’ve worked closely with the innovation teams of banks in New Zealand and abroad, but big business moves slowly.
Debut was the brainchild of Sulabh and Sheenu. Now it's up to all of us to help Debut grow into something awesome.
Kiwis deserve better banking.
Frustrated by the lack of progress and roadblocks, an idea started to form.
Sheenu and Sulabh also spent time in the UK and the US, and after returning to New Zealand, it became clear that banking in Aotearoa was lagging behind Kiwis were paying the price. Lack of choice, lack of options and lack of financial education put the majority of Kiwis at a disadvantage. So, they started asking questions to learn what people were missing, whether they knew it or not.
Debut is the best way to save, track, budget and understand your money.
We’re doing something that’s never been done in New Zealand. We’re building a bank carefully, thoughtfully and with feedback from our customers. This is only the beginning.