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Mar 7, 2024

Break free from fees

More cash in your pocket.

Don't you just hate pesky fees that constantly eat away at your balance? It's like death by a thousand cuts. That's why, since starting our journey making Debut, we have been determined to avoid fees at all costs. (Pun intended.)

Debut lets you ditch the bank fees and get more from cash.

So, how much does Debut charge?

(Here's a hint: it's zero.)

  • Annual account fee — zip
  • Annual card fee — nada
  • Withdrawals from Savings — zilch
  • Account transfer fee — gratis
  • Foreign exchange fees — nuthin'
  • Account top-up — free

Total = $ zero fees 👌

It's all part of our grand plan to put a billion dollars back into Kiwi pockets.

Debut is on a mission to build better banking that benefits customers and helps them grow their money. Later this year, we'll introduce a powerful savings service we've been working on, and we think you're going to love it. Building fee-free banking is just another way we're helping to ensure more of your hard-earned cash stays in your pocket – instead of the banks'.

What about currency conversion?

Checking exchange rates, tracking currencies in different accounts, and calculating conversion fees — yeah nah. Money doesn't have to be so complicated.

When you use your Debut card, you're always getting the best rate – and uh, did we mention? – there's no bank fee on top of your conversion.

Most banks charge about 2%. Not us.

Debut uses Mastercard's conversion rate – it's one of the best available — so you get the best rate possible, and that's it. We don't charge anything on top. Much simpler.

Debut is an excellent travel companion.

Okay – but what about PayWave fees?

Debut doesn’t charge for using PayWave, but you're right. Some retailers do. We wish we could eliminate all fees, but we can only act on the fees we can control. And we’re working on the rest. That's not a bad start, right?

Derrick Olivier is Head of Community and Growth at Debut