Roadmap Update October 2023

With Debut set to premiere soon, we’re checking in with our public roadmap. Find out what the team has been up to and what’s new.
We've updated our roadmap!
Oct 16, 2023

Can I just start by saying: What a wild ride this has been so far! We’re really excited to share some updates to our Living Roadmap today. The majority of product features have graduated to the testing phase. Many of the new features from discovery are now in design and build and we’re already investigating new updates.

What is Debut? Debut is a new kind of bank being built openly with the NZ public. Debut is set to launch on mobile devices later this year. Click below to vote on the features you most want to see on our Living Roadmap, join the community backstage or join the waiting list.

What’s new in Discovery

All of these features have since been added to our Living Roadmap.

Create your own categories ✏️ 🏷 NEW

Create new categories to track different things you care about. For example, you could create a category specifically for Date Night, so it’s not just lobbed in with getting eating out, and rather recategorised as a special time, which is generally money well-spent.

Customise Insight Intervals ✏️ 🗓 🧐 📊 NEW

Set your own intervals for reviewing insights.

Milestones for Savings Shed Goals ⛳️ 📆  🏆 Updated

Make saving for big things a little easier by setting smaller milestone goals. Reinforce good saving habits and celebrate your progress toward goals with milestones.

Share an account with one or more people 👛 👯‍♀️👯👯‍♂️ NEW

Share an account with whānau or friends or flatmates to manage and use money collectively.

Make payments easier 😌 NEW

Other ways to pay and get paid.

Get more from Debut 💝 NEW

Extra perks for using Debut.

Now in Design

We're laser-focused on bringing Kiwis a better banking experience. These items are currently in the design phase. That extends to the user interface, but also the user experience and what needs to happen behind the scenes to make it all come together.

Dark Mode 🖤 NEW

A darker interface that’s a bit gentler on the eyes in dim environments. Can be used with OS Dark Mode setting. We want to make sure we do dark mode right.

Future Expenses 🔮

Stay on top of bills, subscriptions and regular direct deposits by seeing upcoming expenses right inside of Timeline.

Timely Trend Alerts 🔔

Proactive alerts help you identify changes to how you spend your money over time. Have you been working to cut down costs on things like eating out or shopping? Knowing you’re on track can help you know what’s working or what might be, breaking the bank, so to speak, like those drippy new tracksuits.

Money Maestro 🪄

Coordinate your cash with a click. Instantly sort money into preset accounts by quantity or percentage.

Coming together in Build

These components are with in development, and we’re working out how it all comes together, how the logic needs to work and how it communicates with all of the systems involved.

Recommended Savings Sheds 💡 - New!

Debut will suggest some Savings Sheds to get started with, e.g. Date Night or Payday Buffer.

Change Roundup 🪙⤴️

Round up expenses and send the change to your Savings Sheds.

Timeline 🗓️

Timeline lets you see all of your expenses in one place, so you never have to go hunting between multiple accounts to find the expense you’re looking for.

Grouped Transactions 🪴🌷🪻

Tapping on a transaction, opens up more details about that transaction and shows previous transactions from the same provider.

Smart Budgets and Tracking 🍰

Debut automatically and privately, tracks your spending across categories and helps you to definite a realistic and achievable budget based on your actual spending habits. Users can also set their own budgets manually. You’ll be notified when you’re close to reaching a set budget, so you have time to consider your next moves. 

Thoughtful Accessibility Features 🦾

As we build next-gen banking in New Zealand, we want to make sure our products are inclusive and work together with our community and dedicated organisations to make sure we get this part right.

Trying it and trying it again in Testing

We’re working through internal testing for these features and will start inviting members from the community and our Green Room programme to provide feedback soon.

Payment Card 💳

Use your Debut card to pay for things in the shop or online.

Categories & Trends 📊

These two go together like toast and marmite. Debut automatically sorts your expenses into categories and helps you to visualise your spending with trends.

Virtual Cards 💳

Create virtual payment cards for things like subscriptions or iffy-looking shops. See the card number, expiration and security code inside of the Debut app. Virtual cards allow you to separate expenses too, giving you more control. Virtual cards are represented in the Debut app and can be used online or via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Apple Pay and Google Pay 🍎🤖

Connect your Debut card with Apple Pay or Google Pay to instantly use it wherever these services are available in-store or online.

Savings Sheds 🎯

Set SMART savings goals for things you want with Savings Sheds. Effortlessly watch them grow with automatic contributions, or supercharge them a higher-interest Growth Plan that’s right for you. Plus, get helpful suggestions to give your savings a boost, when you’ve got a little extra from your budgets.

Link Bank Accounts 🏦

Connect Debut to an existing bank account to easily move money between the two.

Active Growth Account 💪

Earn interest on every dollar in your account. Fight inflation and see your money grow.

Extended hours In-App Support 🛟

Get live support in-app or over the phone from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Interested in helping us test Debut? Join our Green Room Testing Programme

You can now vote on topics on our updated roadmap

You can view, vote and share your thoughts on these features and more on Debut’s Living Roadmap. Visit Backstage, our community forum to discuss and share your thoughts on these features.


Please note, Debut is not a registered bank under the Banking (Prudential Supervision) Act. This is about our future intentions. Investments with us are not supervised currently by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

Derrick Olivier is Head of Community and Growth at Debut
Debut is the best way to save, track, budget and understand your money.
We’re doing something that’s never been done in New Zealand. We’re building a bank carefully, thoughtfully and with feedback from our customers. This is only the beginning.
Please note, Debut is not a registered bank under the Banking (Prudential Supervision) Act. This is about our future intentions. Investments with us are not supervised currently by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.