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May 14, 2024

At Debut, we believe banking should be effortless and rewarding. That's why we created the Ora Card, a digital-first debit card designed for seamless everyday spending, packed with unique benefits.  The best part? You can start using it immediately, within minutes of creating your account.

1. Create your Debut account.

Download the Debut app and follow the simple steps to set up your account.

Need help? Check out our guide on opening an account with Debut.

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2. Choose your Ora Card style.

Select between two sweet-as designs in vibrant Hebe or chic Blanc.

Meet Debut Ora Card

3. Activate mobile payments.

Add your Ora Card to Apple Pay or Google Pay for quick and secure transactions on the go.

You can use your phone as your Debut Card on Apple Pay or Google Pay.

4. Order your physical Ora Card (optional).

While most places accept contactless payments, you can order a physical Ora Card for free during sign-up for those times you need to swipe or insert.

Hidden features

Your physical Ora Card doesn't have any numbers, keeping your payment information safe.  Access your card details anytime in the app by going to Cards > select your card > View details.

Activating your physical Debut Ora Card

  1. Set a PIN: In the Debut app, go to Cards > Ora Card > Activate and create a 4-digit PIN.
  2. Insert Your Card: Find a card payment machine (at a shop, cafe, etc.).
  3. Choose CREDIT: Select "CREDIT" on the machine and enter your PIN. Your card should now be activated.

Good to know: When using your physical Ora Card, simply select 'CREDIT' on the payment terminal, even for everyday purchases. This ensures a seamless transaction every time. You'll still be using your own funds, and no credit will be involved.

Did you know?

Psst... Forgot to order your Ora Card during sign-up? No dramas! You can easily request one from our Support team. Just head to More > Get in touch > Send a message > Order a physical card.

Where to use your Debut Ora Card.

You can use Ora Card to pay online or at card or pay machines in stores. Its flexibility means you can tap to pay with your phone or smart watch or use your physical card when contactless payments aren’t available.

Why choose Ora Card?

  • Accepted everywhere: Powered by Mastercard, your Ora Card is secure and works at millions of locations worldwide.
  • Smart spending insights: Debut automatically categorises your transactions, often identifying the business logo for easy identification.
  • Built-in security features: Stay safe with 2-factor authentication for online purchases, custom security limits and the ability to pause your card with a tap.
  • Pay like a local: Say goodbye to foreign exchange fees! Debut offers competitive exchange rates with no extra charges when you spend abroad.
  • Works with popular mobile payment platforms: Use your Ora Card seamlessly with popular mobile payment platforms like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Alipay.

How to Add Ora Card to Alipay

Alipay is a popular mobile payment platform in China and beyond.

  1. Download and register: Get the Alipay app and create your account.
  2. Go to Me: Tap the "Me" tab.
  3. Select Bank Cards: Tap "Bank Cards."
  4. Add Ora Card: Tap "+" and enter your Ora Card details.
  5. Verify: Follow the verification steps (usually via SMS).

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Already using Ora Card?

Share your feedback! Go to More > Get in Touch in the Debut app. We'd love to hear how you're enjoying the Ora Card and any suggestions for improvement.


Please note, Debut is not a registered bank under the Banking (Prudential Supervision) Act. This is about our future intentions. Investments with us are not supervised currently by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

Derrick Olivier is Head of Community and Growth at Debut
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